17th Annual IP Symposium: Conference on Patent Damages


Driving and Parking Directions

Friday, February 17, 2017

UT Law School, 727 E Dean Keeton St. Austin, TX 78705

9:00-10:20: Session 1: Apportionment and Patent Damages

Moderator: Sapna Kumar (Houston Law)

Design Patent Remedies
Presenter: Mark Janis (Indiana Bloomington Law)
Commentator: Pamela Samuelson (Berkeley Law)

Apportionment and Reasonable Royalties
Presenter: Anne Layne-Farrar (Charles River Associates)
Commentator: Jorge Contreras (Utah Law)

10:20-10:40: Break
10:40-12:00: Session 2: Guidance and Discretion

Moderator: Kevin Meek (Baker Botts)

Jury Instructions for Patent Damages
Presenter: Doug Melamed (Stanford Law) (coauthoring with Bill Lee (WilmerHale))
Commentator: Bernard Chao (Denver Law)

Discretion and Patent Remedies
Presenter: John Golden (Texas Law)
Commentator: Rebecca Eisenberg (Michigan Law)

12:00-1:40: Lunch at Texas Law with Judges’ Panel

Moderator: Hilda Galvan (Jones Day–Dallas)

Judges’ Panel
Chief Judge Colleen McMahon (SDNY)
Judge Sue Robinson (D Del)
Judge Lee Yeakel (WD Tex)

1:40-2:00: Break
2:00-3:20: Session 3: Damages for Deterrence?

Moderator: Marketa Trimble (UNLV Law)

Damages as Injunction Substitute
Presenter: Dan Burk (UC Irvine Law)
Commentator: Samuel Bray (UCLA Law)

Judicial Reasoning for Enhanced Damages
Presenter: Karen Sandrik (Willamette Law)
Commentator: Tom Cotter (Minnesota Law)

3:20-3:40: Break
3:40-5:00: Session 4: Circularity in Patent Valuation?

Moderator: David Adelman (Texas Law)

The Circularity Story for Reasonable Royalties
Presenter: Oskar Liivak (Cornell Law)
Commentator: Oren Bracha (Texas Law)

Patent Valuation and Taxation
Presenters: Jennifer Blouin (Penn Wharton) & Melissa Wasserman (Texas Law)
Commentator: Susan Morse (Texas Law)

6:00-9:00: Reception and Dinner with In-House Counsel Panel

Moderator: Justin Nelson (Susman Godfrey–Austin)

In-House Counsel Panel
Vanessa Bailey (Intel)
Ron Epstein (Epicenter)
Anthony Peterman (Dell–Austin)
Dan Sharp (UT-Austin)
Jennifer Wuamett (NXP–Austin)


Saturday, February 18, 2017

UT Law School, 727 E Dean Keeton St. Austin, TX 78705

8:50-9:00: Opening Remarks
9:00-10:20: Session 5: New Approaches to Calculating Patent Damages

Moderator: Saurabh Vishnubhakat (Texas A&M Law)

Damages Multipliers and a New Approach to Patent Litigation
Presenter: Michael Abramowicz (George Washington Law)
Commentator: Sarah Wasserman Rajec (William & Mary Law)

Risk-Adjusted R&D Costs as a Basis for Patent Damages
Presenter: Lisa Ouellette (Stanford Law)
Commentator: Glynn Lunney (Texas A&M Law)

10:20-10:40: Break
10:40-12:00: Session 6: Norms and Boundaries for Patent Damages

Moderator: Kali Murray (Marquette Law)

Factoring Pain and Suffering into Patent Damages
Presenter: Ronen Avraham (Texas Law)
Commentator: Wendy Gordon (Boston University Law)

Normative Aims and the Assessment of Patent Damages
Presenter: Peter Lee (UC Davis Law)
Commentator: Robert Bone (Texas Law)

12:00-1:40: Lunch at Texas Law with Economic/Damages Experts’ Panel

Moderator: Michael Risch (Villanova Law)

Economic/Damages Experts’ Panel
David Abrams (Penn Law & Wharton)
Elizabeth (Liz) Bailey (UC Berkeley Business)
John C. Jarosz (Analysis Group–Washington, DC)
James R. Kearl (BYU Economics)
Shirley Webster (Ocean Tomo–Houston)



This conference is supported by a fund at the University of Texas School of Law created through a gift from Intel Corporation.
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